A Thing a Day – a 30 day challenge

A Thing A Day Challenge | Daily Art by Miki Lovett

I am embarking on an experiment that may or may not bear fruit. Much of my work in printmaking tends to be rather tight and controlled. I am wanting to get out of that mode and, to that end, have decided to commit to ‘A Thing A Day’ for the next month. A ‘Thing’ because I’m not sure what medium I will be working in from day to day, ink, paint, drawing whatever.

My goals are:

  • Work in whatever media I’m drawn to that day
  • Each piece should take only minutes to produce, set up and cleanup not included (NOTE: I have modified this as I’m finding it more fruitful to work on whatever strikes me on a given day and that may take much longer than a few minutes!)
  • Work intuitively rather than intellectually
  • No excuses
  • I invite feedback from the viewers

I may post 2 pieces a day, the first is the actual piece for the day, the second is what I call the ‘Castoff’, a piece that is using up the medium I have left over from the ‘real’ piece. I suspect the castoff piece will be as important in this process as the piece itself.

  • June 11, A Thing A Day | Miki Lovett, Nantucket
    June 11, A Thing A Day; LAST DAY of my challenge. After a busy but very fun weekend seeing friends, I decided, for this last challenge, to go back to the same style I did on day 1. I call it Pinstripe! Many thanks to all who followed, reacted, commented, and purchased(!) during my challenge. I'm now set to continue working daily in my studio - thanks to you all!

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