DreamFish | Etching by Miki LovettFramed & Unframed Etchings

Working in Solar Printmaking, I have been doing printmaking using my marbled papers and other hand painted papers to embellish the prints.

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Hand Marbled Silk Scarves

My first work in marbling was silk scarves and they are still a mainstay of my collection. There is no end to the design possibilities.

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red-cockatooHand Marbled Journals & Notepads

Having marbled stacks of papers over the years, I decided it was time to expand my use of them. So I started some bookbinding making both journal books and notepads & blocks. I love making things that are used every day.

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Hand Marbled Papers

I marble quite a bit of paper about once or twice a year from which I create my bound journals and notepads. I also occasionally offer a paper as it is if I particularly like it. Most of my papers are suitable for bookbinding, collage, origami and other paper arts. Some have been framed as art pieces in themselves.

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