Stormont Pattern Marbled Paper – M74

Miki Lovett | Historic Reproduction Marbled Paper | Nantucket, MA
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This marbled paper is made using techniques from the 18th & 19th Centuries that have been largely lost since the Industrial Revolution.

All paints used are hand made in the studio and include a pure beeswax glazing medium, also hand made. When polished, the beeswax is forced into the paper itself making it anti-microbial, resistant to oils from handling,and resistant to moisture in the atmosphere. Papers made in the 1800s using this method are still pristine.

Stormont pattern is made by adding gum turpentine to the last color thrown. The turpentine causes the color to break up into cells.

Stormont – Turquoise
Background – Iridescent Gold, Pure Indigo
Dispersant: Gum turpentine
Paper: Hahnemühle NaturText 120gsm
Size: 19.25″ x 25.25″

This paper is excellent for all book arts as decorative covers or end papers. It can also be used in book restoration. Not limited to book arts, this paper is also excellent for origami, collage, lampshades, mixed media or even framing.

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