The Process of Making – Whatever

Hand Bound Marbled Journals by Miki Lovett

I am often called a ‘Process Artist’. I don’t always know what the person means when they say that but I do know for myself that the process of making prints – journals, scarves, mixed media pieces, dinner – whatever – is what gives me joy.

Marbling paper is a messy business, but a great deal of fun. I usually set up the day before so I can get right to it in the morning. I usually don’t have a set plan, I just do what seems right at the time. I remember once when I was feeling particularly uninspired, I set out my colors, closed my eyes, turned around and grabbed the first three colors my hands came upon. I ended up with some spectacular and fun combinations. Other times, there may be a pattern that I really want to work on perfecting. I may do 5 or 6 of the one pattern in different colors, taking time to study each one as I do it to see how I can improve.

No matter how I approach this work, or any other I do, I am completely focused. The ONLY thing I am doing is what I am doing. I am so engrossed in what I am doing that a person can speak to me and I won’t hear them. Is that what they call right brain thinking? It can be a problem when I’m giving a demo!

More and more I understand how much I would like to bring this focus to all parts of my life – call it mindfulness perhaps or being fully present. When I am done with whatever I am making, I am not drained but energized. I may be tired, but it is a tiredness that is full of peace and contentment.

I wish you that peace, that energy and that contentment.



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