Water – Essential for Life

Marbled Journal & Shibori Scarf by Miki Lovett

I have been thinking a lot lately about what is most essential to my life. Not a small question. I decided to peel this back to what is most essential, not just to me, but to all living beings.

Water – without it, we die. So basic, so simple, and so taken for granted, at least in the western world which I call home.

I use water so casually, let it run so it gets warm for a shower; prepare my coffee, tea, soup, stew, whatever for a meal or snack; have something next to me all day to quench my thirst or warm me when it’s cold. It’s always there – without thinking about it.

It’s the ‘without thinking about it’ that concerns me the most. I would like to develop a more thoughtful use of water, a more mindful use of water, a more grateful use of water. And a respect for the needs of those who have little or no water.

So often now, when I turn on a faucet for a drink of water or to wash, I think about the millions in this world who must walk, perhaps for miles, for drinkable water or who have no access to safe drinking water at all, let alone water with which to wash.

I’m not out to beat myself up or feel guilty because I have water and others do not. It’s using water well, with thanks, with mindfulness, with joy. And helping, in whatever small ways I can, to help those who do not have this most basic essential for life.

Now on the the artwork: Both of these pieces are reminiscent for me of water.

Hand Bound Journal in Chain Design

Hand marbled Journal - Miki LovettLined journal with hand bound cover in hand marbled paper and linen. The marbled paper is done in the Chain design which is a favorite of mine in deep teal, black and white with touches of turquoise.

• 5″ x 7″ lined journal
• 144 pages
• Linen cover with marbled paper decor

This journal has sold but – Please visit my Etsy Shop

Arashi Shibori Silk Scarf

Arashi Shibori Silk Scarf by Miki LovettSilk Charmeuse scarf hand dyed by the Arashi Shibori method in an ample size evokes the sea with its undulating waves of blue and marine green.

• Silk Charmeuse
• 72″ x 14″
• Hand dyed using the Arashi Shibori meathod
• Hand wash or dry clean
• Hand rolled hem

Arashi Shibori is a method of dying developed by the Japanese. The silk is wrapped around a pole and the silk is then wrapped with twine or string. The silk is pushed to one end of the pole creating pleats and tucks. The pole is then immersed in the dye. The ‘scrunching’ of the silk prevents dye from reaching some of the silk and creates the undulating design.

This scarf is no longer available.

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