We Three

We Three | Etching with Hand Marbled Paper | Miki Lovett

Solar Plate Etching with Marbled Paper Chin Collé

I have been fascinated with geometry for some time. Working with the book Patterns in Nature gave me the opportunity to study the geometric relationships. In the course of my explorations, I became more interested in the interaction of circles used to create the perpendicular lines than I was in the lines themselves. This etching is one of the early results.

The addition of the marbled paper is achieved with a technique called Chin Collé, literally Chinese Glue, where the marbled paper has glue applied to the back, is laid face-down on the plate and run through the press with the support paper. The pressure of the press glues the marbled paper to the support paper and also prints the design onto the marbled paper.

This etching is available as an edition. Each version of the edition uses different marbled papers which you can view in my portfolio.

Ink & Marbled Paper on Hahnemühle Print Paper
Image: 10″ x 11″
Paper: 11″ x 14″
Edition: 2/12
Date: 2016

Available in My Esty Shop

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