Miki Lovett’s Artist Statement

Solar Plate Etching

We Three | Etching with Hand Marbled Paper | Miki LovettFor many years, I have been interested in the printmaking process. I am particularly intrigued with the dreamlike quality one can achieve in etching. The many techniques available for embellishing the print make for interesting experiments. Recently, I gained access to a printmaking studio where I can use the equipment, presses, inking stations and the like, that I do not have at home. This is giving me a wonderful opportunity to work in this medium.

This medium also gives me the opportunity to incorporate marbled paper in the printing process using a technique called Chin Collé. I am excited to combine these two techniques.

Marbled Textiles & Paper

bluegreen-getgel-detMarbling is, for me, a conversation between order and chaos, control and spontaneity. Order is not imposed on chaos nor is control meant to suppress spontaneity. There is a conversation between the ‘given’, the way the color moves and expands on the size, and ‘manipulation’ of the color with my tools. It is never the same twice.

I use the traditional patterns, dating from the 12th century up to the present, as a base for studying the linear possibilities and for color studies. These patterns form a base from which more spontaneous designs can emerge.

I use my marbled papers to make hand bound books and notepads I also work in silk making marbled silk scarves.


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