Miki Lovett
  • Interlock, Solar Plate Etching with Ink colorization by Miki Lovett. In private collection
  • Fogbank. Monotype by Miki Lovett. Watercolor on Paper, 11.75 in x 9 in. Available
  • Dreamfish, solar plate etching with chin colle by Cape Cod artist, Miki Lovett, Available.
  • Mayan Dream, collograph monotype by Miki Lovett. Available
  • Woodstock 7, monoprint by Miki Lovett. Available.
  • Peace Indeed, monoprint with chin colle by Miki Lovett. In private collection
  • A selection of historic reproduction marbled papers by Miki Lovett. Hand made paint on paper.
  • Nonpariel. Acrylic on Paper, 19 x 21 Marbled paper by Miki Lovett

Miki Lovett is a printmaker living on Cape Cod.

Her art consists in monotype, monoprint, etching and marbling in an abstract expressionist style.

Please contact me via email for information or visit my Marbling Etsy Shop and my Printmaking Etsy Shop.