Miki Lovett’s Artist Statement

Solar Plate Etching

We Three | Etching with Hand Marbled Paper | Miki LovettFor many years, I have been interested in the printmaking process. I am particularly intrigued with the dreamlike quality one can achieve in etching. The many techniques available for embellishing the print make for interesting experiments. Recently, I gained access to a printmaking studio where I can use the equipment, presses, inking stations and the like, that I do not have at home. This is giving me a wonderful opportunity to work in this medium.

This medium also gives me the opportunity to incorporate marbled paper in the printing process using a technique called Chin Collé. I am excited to combine these two techniques.

Marbled Textiles & Paper

bluegreen-getgel-detMarbling is, for me, a conversation between order and chaos, control and spontaneity. Order is not imposed on chaos nor is control meant to suppress spontaneity. There is a conversation between the ‘given’, the way the color moves and expands on the size, and ‘manipulation’ of the color with my tools. It is never the same twice.

I use the traditional patterns, dating from the 12th century up to the present, as a base for studying the linear possibilities and for color studies. These patterns form a base from which more spontaneous designs can emerge.

I use my marbled papers to make hand bound books and notepads I also work in silk making marbled silk scarves.

Upcoming Events

Sand Track Dreaming

A Dot Went for a Walk & Print Show
May 12-22, 2017
Artists Association of Nantucket

The theme for the Main Floor show is mono chromatics. I will be showing 2 pieces downstairs. On the second floor will be printmaking. I will have 4 pieces there including one piece of marbled paper done over this last weekend in the classic technique called shell. The paints are all hand made and walnut oil is used to create the shell- like quality.

Interlock | Mixed Media Etching by Miki Lovett | Nantucket, MAArtist’s Open Show
Artists Association of Nantucket
May 26 – June 3, 2017

I’ll be showing 2 of my etchings in the island wide artist’s open show that will run over Memorial Day weekend. Stop in if you are on-island!


DreamFish | Etching by Miki LovettFramed & Unframed Etchings

Working in Solar Printmaking, I have been doing printmaking using my marbled papers and other hand painted papers to embellish the prints.

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Hand Marbled Silk Scarves

My first work in marbling was silk scarves and they are still a mainstay of my collection. There is no end to the design possibilities.

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red-cockatooHand Marbled Journals & Notepads

Having marbled stacks of papers over the years, I decided it was time to expand my use of them. So I started some bookbinding making both journal books and notepads & blocks. I love making things that are used every day.

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Hand Marbled Papers

I marble quite a bit of paper about once or twice a year from which I create my bound journals and notepads. I also occasionally offer a paper as it is if I particularly like it. Most of my papers are suitable for bookbinding, collage, origami and other paper arts. Some have been framed as art pieces in themselves.

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