Miki Lovett
  • Interlock, Solar Plate Etching with Ink colorization by Miki Lovett. In private collection
  • Fogbank. Monotype by Miki Lovett. Watercolor on Paper, 11.75 in x 9 in. Available
  • Dreamfish, solar plate etching with chin colle by Cape Cod artist, Miki Lovett, Available.
  • Mayan Dream, collograph monotype by Miki Lovett. Available
  • Woodstock 7, monoprint by Miki Lovett. Available.
  • Peace Indeed, monoprint with chin colle by Miki Lovett. In private collection
  • A selection of historic reproduction marbled papers by Miki Lovett. Hand made paint on paper.
  • Nonpariel. Acrylic on Paper, 19 x 21 Marbled paper by Miki Lovett

All work is temporarily suspended

Due to a family emergency, I must move across the country by July 2021. I had hoped to be up and running by fall but must now put this off until late winter. I'm doing some sketching but that's all I can muster right now. I have reopened my Etsy shop with a limited number of items. Thank you for your interest.

Her art consists in monotype, monoprint, etching and marbling in an abstract expressionist style.

"This print (Autumn Dawn) pulls me in from afar with its graphic contrast and holds me up close as I look for clues as to how it was made. I find myself thinking of all sorts of things and nothing in particular at the same time. A perfect recipe for good abstraction."
Best Technique Award, Sept. 2020, Falmouth Art Center. Jackie Reeves, Juror

Please contact me via email for information or visit my Etsy Shop and GreyLadyGallery.