Miki Lovett’s Artist Statement

Marbled Paper & Textiles

Sea Floor | Framed Marbled Paper by Miki LovettMarbling is, for me, a conversation between order and chaos, control and spontaneity. Order is not imposed on chaos nor is control meant to suppress spontaneity. There is a conversation between the ‘given’, the way the color moves and expands on the size, and ‘manipulation’ of the color with my tools. It is never the same twice.

I use the traditional patterns, dating from the 12th century up to the present to make two different styles of marbled paper.

First, my Contemporary Marbled Paper which uses the traditional and not so traditional techniques and colors to make papers with a modern sensibility. My papers are used for any paper or book arts such as origami, collage, book binding, or any decorative paper technique.

Historic Marbled Paper by Miki LovettSecond, my Historic Marbled Papers which are based on the work of Dr. Garret Dixon, Dan St. John and others to restore the 19th century techniques of marbled paper that were almost lost after the Industrial Revolution. Using paints I make myself and recipes translated from the 19th century documents, marbled papers are produced in patterns such as Shell, Stormont and Tiger Eye. These papers are used for antique book restoration, modern book arts,other paper arts or even for framing.

I also work in silk, making marbled silk scarves.

Solar Plate Etching

Interlock | Mixed Media Etching by Miki Lovett | Nantucket, MAFor many years, I have been interested in the printmaking process. I am particularly intrigued with the dreamlike quality one can achieve in etching. The many techniques available for embellishing the print make for interesting experiments. Recently, I gained access to a printmaking studio where I can use the equipment, presses, inking stations and the like, that I do not have at home. This is giving me a wonderful opportunity to work in this medium.

This medium also gives me the opportunity to incorporate marbled paper in the printing process using a technique called Chin Collé. I am excited to combine these two techniques.

Upcoming Events

Juried Show, Artists Association of NantucketCollision of Ideas | Etching by Miki Lovett, Nantucket, MA
June 6 – 24, 2017

I’ll be showing 2 of my etchings in this show that runs concurrently with the Plein Air Festival. I was honored to be asked to be one of the judges for this juried show along with Victoria Harvey. We had a lot of fun examining all the paintings and making some tough choices among all the wonderful work shown.

My two pieces, Collision of Ideas and Palaces of the Sun will hang in this show.

Interlock | Mixed Media Etching by Miki Lovett | Nantucket, MA

Up for Interpretation
Artists Association of Nantucket
June 25 – 30, 2017

General Artists show where each artist is asked to share something of the inspiration for their works.

My Logic Has Nothing to Do With It and one other piece, not yet decided, will go into this exhibit.

Sidewalk Art Show
Nantucket Atheneum Garden
July 1, 2017

A wonderful chance to see a range of art styles and prices in a the lovely garden of the Atheneum.

I will have my hand bound journals, travel journals, Japanese stab bound pads and layered print perfect bound pads along with my prints at this show. In addition, I will be having a sale on my marbled and painted silk scarves.


DreamFish | Etching by Miki LovettFramed & Unframed Etchings

Working in Solar Printmaking, I have been doing printmaking using my marbled papers and other hand painted papers to embellish the prints.

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Hand Marbled Silk Scarves

My first work in marbling was silk scarves and they are still a mainstay of my collection. There is no end to the design possibilities.

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red-cockatooHand Marbled Journals & Notepads

Having marbled stacks of papers over the years, I decided it was time to expand my use of them. So I started some bookbinding making both journal books and notepads & blocks. I love making things that are used every day.

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Hand Marbled Papers

I marble quite a bit of paper about once or twice a year from which I create my bound journals and notepads. I also occasionally offer a paper as it is if I particularly like it. Most of my papers are suitable for bookbinding, collage, origami and other paper arts. Some have been framed as art pieces in themselves.

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