Enlightened by a Lampshade

Hand Marbled Paper for Lampshades by Miki LovettI don’t like doing commissions. I never have.  I am resistant and do not enjoy them at all. But why?

A few months ago, I completed a commission for six sheets of matching hand marbled paper to be made into lampshades for the bedroom of my client’s son. This poor woman had been after me for over a year to make these papers after I sorta-kinda told her I would. She finally got after me to fulfill my agreement.

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We Three

Solar Plate Etching with Marbled Paper Chin Collé

We Three | Etching with Hand Marbled Paper | Miki LovettI have been fascinated with geometry for some time. Working with the book Patterns in Nature gave me the opportunity to study the geometric relationships. In the course of my explorations, I became more interested in the interaction of circles used to create the perpendicular lines than I was in the lines themselves. This etching is one of the early results. Continue reading “We Three”